Roumyana Mileva Hadjiiska

Roumyana Hadjiiska joined the CMS collaboration in 2010 on the start of her PhD education at University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria. Since than she dedicates the main part of her time to work within the CMS muon system, including muon physics and muon detector performance. During her PhD she joined also an one year project working for the Technical Transfer Office at the same university. After the defend of her PhD she started a work at BAS (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), joining the High Energy Lab at INRNE (Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy), where she is working until now. Currently she is an senior assistant professor at the same laboratory.

During all this time Roumyana put a lot of efforts to populate the Particle Physics results within the society and to make the open data and tools closer to the Bulgarian students and teachers. In 2014 she joined a group of Bulgarian scientists who initiated the program of the CMS virtual visits, helping mainly with the domestic organization of the events. In the end of 2017 with the help of her colleagues from different institutions – BAS-INRNE, University of Sofia, University of Plovdiv, OSOS project, People's Astronomical Observatory in Varna – they built an informal group of scientists who organized the first International Masterclasses in Bulgaria in 2018. After the big interest and success of the event the group decided to move closer to the schools and in next three years they have organized more than 15 classes, covering also the schools in the smaller Bulgarian towns.

In 2021 Bulgaria becomes and official member of IPPOG, thanks to the official participation of the Sofia Tech Park giving a way for further and wider participation in the physics outreach events.

Roumyana believes that even the students from the smallest towns all over the world should have a chance to participate in the contemporary physics discoveries, making the education more interesting and attractive. “Speaking physics” as an international language gives the students an opportunity to feel that they are real part of the world with an own meaningful contribution.