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IPPOG Statement on Diversity and Equality

The International Particle Physics Outreach Group (IPPOG) is a network of scientists and educators working across the globe to share the challenges and endeavours of fundamental research. Each year, we engage with thousands of students to teach the methods used to examine the origins and structure of our universe. One of the most important of these lessons, is the value of human diversity and international collaboration.

All people share a common curiosity, a need to explore and understand the world we live in. In science, by pooling our diverse ideas and resources, we solve some of the most complex problems inherent to nature. By doing so, we not only improve our knowledge, but we lay the foundation for the future. Rather than acting as an obstacle, our rich diversity of cultural, social and philosophical backgrounds is among our greatest strengths.

IPPOG is saddened to see this idea is not yet embraced by all. Events involving acts of hatred motivated by skin colour and ethnic differences are painful to see and difficult to comprehend. Yet, we are also enlightened by the vast, global movement rising up to oppose these acts. It is our opinion that a peaceful uprising is a natural, deep-seated response driven by our common will to create a better world for future generations. IPPOG thus stands united with those who seek to end discrimination and violence everywhere.

Although we are proud that our field features broad international participation, we acknowledge that this does not yet carry over sufficiently to people of all genders, skin colours, ethnicities, cultures and socioeconomic classes. Dedicated efforts and programmes within the community are seeking solutions, still much work remains. We, in IPPOG, support these efforts and encourage all institutions to take an active role creating a more inclusive environment in scientific research around the world. We owe it to future generations to use this moment and our common love of science to seek change.

Message approved by the IPPOG Collaboration Board on 16 June 2020.

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