Jonivar Skullerud

Jonivar studied physics and philosophy at the University of Trondheim,
Norway, culminating in a dissertation on the philosophy of quantum
field theory.  He went on to do his PhD at the University of
Edinburgh, specialising in lattice QCD.  After postdoctoral positions
in Adelaide, DESY (Hamburg), Amsterdam and Trinity College Dublin he
joined the Mathematical Physics department at the National University
of Ireland Maynooth as a lecturer in 2007.  His main current research
interests are in QCD and QCD-like theories at extremes of temperature
and density, and non-perturbative quark and gluon correlation
functions.  Jonivar helped organise Ireland's first Particle Physics
Masterclasses and public events at the Euroscience Open Forum in 2012,
and joined IPPOG as Ireland's representative in 2012.

Jonivar Skullerud
Lecturer in Mathematical Physics
Department of Mathematical Physics NUI, Maynooth County Kildare IRELAND