CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research


Jiri Rames
Particle Physicist,
Institute of Physics AS CR Na Slovance 2 182 21 PRAGUE 8 Czech Republic

Jiri studied physics at the Charles University in Prague. After completing a thesis on the evolution of structure functions in deep inelastic scattering and obtaining his PhD degree, he worked in JINR, Dubna, Russia (then USSR) in 1988-1990. Since then, Jiri has worked at the Institute of Physics in Prague.
Jiri was previously a member of the DELPHI experiment team and now works with the ATLAS collaboration on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).  Jiri’s nomination in 1997 to the newly formed ECFA-CERN outreach network served as an important catalyst.  Since then, the outreach activities of the HEP community in the Czech Republic began to grow with an international perspective through the CERN Traveling Exhibition, participation of Czech teachers in the CERN high school teachers summer programme, Czech participation in the CERN 50 Anniversary and the LHC start up activities, and the organzation of new “Czech Teachers Weeks” at CERN.  In 1997 Jiri was nominated as the Czech representative to IPPOG.  In April 2008 he had the honor of organizing the Spring IPPOG (then EPPOG) meeting in Prague, bringing the entire IPPOG membership network to the Czech Republic. The IPPOG International Masterclasses soon were brought to the country with Jiri serving as the national responsible for this country-wide program.  Masterclasses are now a successful on-going annual activity there.  
Besides masterclasses, Jiri’s science outreach activities include giving engaging lectures to high school teachers, students and the broader public.  He has translated 2 popular physics books into Czech, writes and translates HEP related articles, and provides the media with clear explanations on "hot" particle physics topics on an on-going basis.  Jiri enjoys seeing this outreach transformation in his country and believes "a live physicist talking and explaining things to people is by far the best exhibit anyone can offer.”