CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research


Panja-Riina Luukka
Project Leader, CMS Upgrade Project
Helsinki Institute of Physics P.O. Box 64 (Visiting address: Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2a) FI-00014 University of Helsinki FINLAND

Panja holds a doctoral degree in science and technology from the Helsinki University of Technology (now: Aalto University). She is a recognized specialist in semiconductor technology and instrumentation of high energy physics and has a wide experience in teaching and outreach. Panja came first time to CERN in 1999 as a Summer Student. In the following year, in July 2000 she started a Master’s thesis project about the CMS tracking detector module testing setup at CERN within the Helsinki Institute of Physics CMS group. After her Master’s thesis finalized, she continued as a graduate student in the same group and finished her doctoral thesis about the characterization of Czochralski silicon detectors in 2006. Until 2013 Panja was stationed at CERN and participated “hands-on” into the CMS experiment commissioning and running at the LHC Point 5, where the CMS detector is located. In addition, Panja coordinated numerous characterization campaigns of new detector structures for the CMS Tracker Upgrade and with the RD50 collaboration at CERN test beam line facility. During her stay at CERN, Panja also acted as a CMS guide for 13 years introducing experimental high energy physics to thousands of high school students, politicians and the general public.

Today Panja is responsible of the Finnish hardware contribution to the CMS experiment as the project leader of the CMS Upgrade project at the Helsinki Institute of Physics. In addition, she teaches two advanced detector instrumentation courses at the University of Helsinki and participates actively in the Master classes and high school visits organized at the premises of the University of Helsinki and Helsinki Institute of Physics. Panja is very interested in public outreach and actively participates in the organization of numerous events promoting particle physics for the general public, to high-school students and stake holders in Finland.