CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research


Sami Lehti
Project Leader, CMS Upgrade Project
Helsinki Institute of Physics P.O. Box 64 (Visiting address: Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2a) FI-00014 University of Helsinki FINLAND

Sami has been a member of the CMS collaboration from 1996. He has specialized on CMS data analysis, search for a Higgs boson with an electric charge, tau physics objects and tau trigger. He has a Title of Docent from experimental particle physics from the University of Helsinki, and he is a senior scientist at the Helsinki Institute of Physics. He has organized Higgs weekends in science centers Heureka (Vantaa, Finland) and Tietomaa (Oulu, Finland), given public lectures, organized Particle Physics Workshops on SciFest (Joensuu, Finland) and written popularized articles. He is responsible of organizing International Masterclasses in Helsinki.