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Nicholas Tracas
Professor of Physics Physics Department, School of Applied Sciences (National Technical University of Athens)
National Technical University of Athens 157 73 Zografou, Athens Greece

Finishing his Bachelor Degree in the Physics Department of the University of Athens (1976),  Nick acquired his Ph.D. from the Sussex University in U.K. (1981) working on QCD 2-loop corrections.  In 1982 he joined the staff of the Physics Department of the National Technical University of Athens as a Lecturer and he is presently a full professor.  Being a theoretical physicist, he had worked on QCD, Grand Unified Theories, Phenomenology of (Super) String models. His current research involves phenomenology of F-Theories and Reduction on the Number of Coupling Constants.  His enthusiasm in teaching and his ideology for knowledge transfer, led him in outreach activities giving seminars to high school students and teachers during Greek Conferences on High Energy Physics.  He soon established the Greek Outreach Group (as an activity of the Hellenic Society for the Study of High Energy Physics) organizing outreach seminars all around Greece, taking part in European outreach programmes on Physics and Sciences, keeping a web page, producing interactive software etc. Nick is one of the members of IPPOG that was awarded the European Physical Society Prize for Particle Physics Outreach (2003). He is the Greek representative in IPPOG from 1997.  "My connection to (a non-authoritarian) teaching and outreaching can be nicely described by the poet Yannis Ritsos's words: For, we don't sing to stand out of the people, my brother. We sing to unite the people!"