CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research


Dezső Horváth
MTA Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, Budapest, Hungary


Dezső Horváth received his MSc in Physics at Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest and his PhD at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia). As an experimental particle physicist he worked at particle accelerators in Dubna and Leningrad (Russia), at TRIUMF (Vancouver, Canada), at Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA), at Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland) and at various facilities of CERN. The results of his studies were published in more than 1200 publications with above 100000 citations. At present he works in the CMS Collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider of CERN. He is Professor Emeritus at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics in Budapest and teaches particle physics at the University of Debrecen. He gives talks at international conferences and also popular educational lectures for general audiences. Since the beginning in 2006 he organizes the lectures of the Hungarian National Teacher Programmes at CERN. For his scientific accomplishments he received in 2012 the Széchenyi Prize of Hungary.