CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research


Ricardo Goncalo
Assistant professor at the University of Coimbra

Ricardo is an assistant professor at the University of Coimbra and a researcher at LIP, the Portuguese Laboratory for Instrumentation and Particle Physics. He obtained his PhD at Imperial College London, on deep inelastic e-p scattering with the ZEUS experiment, in DESY. At Imperial he took part in  Particle Physics Masterclasses, before they became international. That’s when he became enthusiastic about science outreach, which he views as an important part of the research endeavour… and great fun! After his PhD he joined Royal Holloway as a Research Assistant and became a member of the ATLAS collaboration, where he works on Higgs searches and the trigger system. He moved to Geneva for the LHC commissioning and was a CERN guide and a moderator in International Masterclasses. After the Higgs boson was discovered, he returned to Portugal with an advanced fellowship to work at LIP. There he took part in several outreach activities, including masterclasses, public talks, summer programmes, and an exhibition on the future challenges of particle physics.