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To raise awareness of the complexity and delicacy of the ATLAS detector assembly process


A short film shown in 3D at the the ATLAS Visitors Center at CERN. Here is the 2D version.
This film shows highlights of the assembly of the ATLAS detector in the ATLAS cavern. The film opens with a scientist in a hardhat entering the secure area of the building which houses the ATLAS detector. He takes a lift down to the cavern and viewers are shown an arial shot of the cavern to appreciate its size. One by one pieces of the detector are lowered into the cavern with a narrator explaining what is being installed and any challenges this process poses. Film is set to background music.
For all video files, see here on the ATLAS website:
Produced by: CERN / Collaboration ATLAS
Director: Laurent Verducci
Director: Société VIDEORELIEF
Director: Groupe Communication CERN
07:40 min. / 01 May 2008 / CERN

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