CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research



To explain to young audiences what happens at CERN and inspire them to explore the world of physics


An on-line "virtual theme park" offering a range of games, multimedia applications and films to bring the excitement of CERN's research to a young audience aged between 7 and 12. CERNland is designed to show children what we do at CERN and inspire them with some physics at the same time. Kids do not need any particle-physics expertise to enjoy CERNland but those who click on the information links will be better placed to answer the questions and improve their scores. As with many real theme parks there is no real age limit to enjoying CERNland: anyone can follow SuperBob round the LHC or try building atoms by collecting electrons, protons and neutrons.
CERNland aims to attract youngsters before they begin to make decisions that will influence their future career paths. The site has been developed with the help of professional educators and assisted by some of the young people in the age group that it has been designed to reach. Their input has been incorporated into the site's design.
CERNland was officially launched in March 2009, in the occasion of the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web.

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