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Science Enhancement Programme (SEP) - UK


to develop innovative, low cost resources to enhance secondary science education, and provide support for science teachers at all stages of their career.


SEP was set up in 1998, by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. They develop high-quality but affordable equipment and publications in the United Kingdom- including booklets, CD-ROMs, interactive web-based projects and worksheets - all aimed at encouraging practical work in the classroom. Their team of professional development leads support science teachers and technicians to carry out effective practical activities, and promote active approaches to teaching and learning. Their Teacher Associate Scheme, which is free to join, offers members exclusive online access to our resources and support materials, discounts on equipment, and more.
The SEP professional development programme supports teachers and technicians involved in UK 11-19 education who wish to develop their subject knowledge and practical expertise.
Support is:
BESPOKE - SEP assistance is starting from where you and your science team are, and working with you to design an appropriate support programme to meet your curriculum needs
ON-GOING- SEP arranges follow on support, so it’s not just a one-off training session, but part of a planned interaction.

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