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Science Journal - Élémentaire - No. 6: le modèle standard


To increase understanding of particle physics from the atom to the discoveries expected at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN


This is number 6 of a series of 8 journals. No.6 was published in Spring 2008. Complete title of journal is "Élémentaire - de l’infiniment petit à l’infiniment grand." Élémentaire ("Elementary") is an outreach journal in French whose eight issues cover the particle physics, from the atom to the discoveries expected at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. Each issue contains about 15 recurring articles which present the stakes of the physics of the infinitely small, such as the tools and the methods used to study this physics. The main discoveries in this research field over the years are described as well. All the articles can be downloaded for free from the Élémentaire website while printed versions of the different issues can be purchased online. To contact Élémentaire, please send a mail to For a complete list of subjects contained in Journal No. 6, see below.
Contents (English Translation) - No. 6:

  • Appetizer: An irresistible model
  • History: Some key dates
  • Interview: Jean Iliopoulos
  • Research Center: CERN
  • Experiment: LEP
  • Detection: The silicon vertex detectors
  • Benefits: Synchrotron and then...the web!
  • Analysis: Fisher discriminant and neural networks
  • Accelerators: The colliders: a revolution in particle accelerators
  • Discoveries: The hunt for bosons W and Z
  • Theory: From the weak force to the electroweak interaction
  • The killer question: Can we (should we) unify everything?
  • The LHC: The LHC: an accelerator without equal
  • What Happened: "Ruining Roadmap" of the United States, Physics of two infinites

Contents (original French) - No.6:

  • Apéritif: Un modèle tout en séduction
  • Histoire: Quelques dates marquantes
  • Interview: Jean Iliopoulos
  • Centre de recherche: Le CERN
  • Expérience: Le LEP
  • Détection: Les détecteurs de vertex en silicium
  • Retombées: Le rayonnement synchrotron Et le web fut !
  • Analyse: Discriminant de Fisher et réseaux de neurones
  • Accélérateurs: Les collisionneurs : révolution dans les accélérateurs de particules
  • Découvertes: À la chasse aux bosons W et Z
  • Théorie: De la force faible à l’interaction électrofaible
  • La question qui tue: Peut-on (doit-on) tout unifier ?
  • Le LHC: Le LHC : un accélérateur sans égal
  • ICPACKOI: La feuille de déroute des États-Unis Physique des deux infinis

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