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Science Journal - Élémentaire - No. 8: En route pour l'au-dela


To increase understanding of particle physics from the atom to the discoveries expected at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN


This is number 8 of a series of 8 journals. No.8 was published in Automn 2010. Complete title of journal is "Élémentaire - de l’infiniment petit à l’infiniment grand." Élémentaire ("Elementary") is an outreach journal in French whose eight issues cover the particle physics, from the atom to the discoveries expected at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. Each issue contains about 15 recurring articles which present the stakes of the physics of the infinitely small, such as the tools and the methods used to study this physics. The main discoveries in this research field over the years are described as well. All the articles can be downloaded for free from the Élémentaire website while printed versions of the different issues can be purchased online. To contact Élémentaire, please send a mail to For a complete list of subjects contained in Journal No. 8, see below.
Contents - (English translation) No. 8:
Appetizer: And then?
History: A theory almost too perfect ... the Standard Model
Interview: Pierre Binétruy
Research Center: Grid computing
Experiment: Two experiments in which we expect to not see anything
Detection: Finding new physics with muons
Benefits: LHC gadgets at home!
Analysis: The Breit-Wigner distribution
Accelerators: Particle accelerators of the future
Discoveries: Reflections on the LHC start-up
Theory: What's beyond is hard to deCERN!
The killer question: What is a fundamental theory?
The LHC: The successful restart of the LHC
What Happened: Two muons or else! The experience of St. Thomas
Contents (original French) - No.8:
Apéritif: Et après ?
Histoire: Une théorie presque trop parfaite... le Modèle Standard
Interview: Pierre Binétruy
Centre de recherche: La grille de calcul
Expérience: Deux expériences où on espère bien ne pas rien voir
Détection: Trouver de la physique nouvelle avec les muons
Retombées: Les gadgets du LHC chez vous!
Analyse: La distribution de Breit-Wigner
Accélérateurs: Les accélérateurs de particules du futur
Découvertes: Impressions au démarrage du LHC
Théorie: Un au-delà bien difficile à CERNer
La question qui tue: Qu’est-ce qu’une théorie fondamentale?
Le LHC:Le redémarrage réussi du LHC
ICPACKOI: Deux muons, sinon rien. L’expérience de St Thomas

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Learning Topics

New Physics
Standard Model
Computing Grid
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