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Exhibit Nutrino Pendulum


To demonstrate the periodic transitions from one neutrinos species to another ("Flavor-Oscillation") using a mechanical model of coupled pendulums


This is the worldwide first model of coupled pendula, which demonstrates the complete phenomenology of neutrino flavor-oscillations for 3 different neutrino species (flavors). Up until now, only models for just 2 flavors existed.
The model is adjustable corresponding to variable neutrino mass differences and variable mixing parameters (PMNS angles) between the 3 flavors. Arbitrary oscillation patterns like those for solar neutrinos or atmospheric neutrinos can be simulated with any parameter settings (e.g. with the mixing angle 1-3 being zero or non-zero). Even the matter effect in the sun (MSW effect) can be simulated.
The pendulum comes with an electronic USB readout which can display its movements in a scope-like manner on a PC or laptop.
Drawings for building this pendulum and its readout are available from . As of September 2011 copies of this pendulum have already been built e.g. in Bonn, DESY (Zeuthen), Münster, and Sussex

Post date: Mon, Oct 03, 2011 — 12:13
Updated date: Tue, Nov 20, 2012 — 04:39

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