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Product of the LHCb Collaboration
Product of the LHCb Collaboration





LHCb Outreach


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To introduce viewers to the LHCb experiment and explain basic parts of its detector


This short video begins with LHCb physicist Dr. Tara Shears (University of Liverpool, England) explaining what the LHCb experiment studies on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland and how this will help us answer a fundamental question about our universe: Why our universe is made of matter but no anti-matter. She describes what CP violation is and its importance to studying matter and antimatter. She continues by explaining why b quarks can help us understand CP violation. The video then moves to the University of Liverpool where Shears gives viewers a tour of the lab where the core parts of the LHCb detector were made. Explanations of parts being produced are provided by Dr. Themis Bowcook, Head of LHCB group, U of Liverpool, and Research Technician Mike Wormald. The video concludes with Shears explaining why the LHCb study is so exciting.
Produced by: Labreporter
Director: Alom Shaha
Written by: Alom Shaha
05:26 min. / 2008-09-00 / CERN Copyright
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Matter / Antimatter