CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research

A Big Bang In The Lab






To introduce main research subjects at LHC to secondary school pupils in their last year of studies


Where do we live ? What are we made of ? Why are we here ? When did it all start and when is the end ? A key for possible answers to these vital questions of life may lie in a captivating connection of an infinitesimally small and an immensely big. Physicists are persistently banging on the door to new discoveries to unveil the mysteries our world may hold. Scientists at CERN attempt to reproduce conditions of the primordial universe in the lab to bring new insights to our understanding of the matter. The validity of fundamental laws of nature and the observed diversity of elementary particles are explored on Earth inside of unique human-built laboratory. A study of fundamental building blocks of nature goes on, from ideas and dreams to reality, from wishes and hopes to observation.

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