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W' Z' Bosons

What is the Higgs particle? What are fundamental interactions? How to educate about particles physics in school?

The Netzwerk Teilchenwelt developed together with Joachim-Herz Stiftung a series of 4 books for teachers to help them to prepare their lessons.

The books include...

3 quarks with the color charges

This package contains a set of cards that can be used in physics lessons or Particle Physics Masterclasses to introduce, explain and repeat the different particles and their fundamntal properties.
One set consists of 61 Cards with 24 Cards of matter particles and antimatter particles...

Showpiece of our exhibition is a spark chamber, that visualizes the continuous shower of cosmic particles. Various displays and models explain the basics of particle physics, modern experiments (emphasizing Austrian contributions) and applications in hi-tech and medicine.
As part of the...

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