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CMS detector

2-sided color print A4 size sheet containing the facts on the CMS Detector, its name, what it is designed to do, questions scientists hope to answer, collaboration members, detector parts and their functions, and other miscellaneous facts on the CMS detector. Printed copies of the English...

Includes an illustration of the CMS detector surrounded by cross-sections of its parts with brief explanations of each of their functions. Also includes a short explanation of what CMS aims to identify and measure at the LHC.
Published in 2006.
Printed copies available for English,...

This 17-minute long animation shows the construction of the main structural components of CMS in the surface hall in Cessy and offers a detailed overview of the installation in the experimental cavern.
Produced by: CERN Multimedia Production Unit
Director: Silvano de Gennaro

A virtual tour guided around the CMS assembly site in Cessy by CMS physicist David Barney.
Produced November 2006
Duration: 32 minutes

A colorful 3D illustration of the CMS Detector. Just the image is included. No labels or explanations included.

This sporty tour of the CMS experiment is narrated in English by PhD student Alison Lister. Perched on her mountain bike, Alison rides around CERN giving an overview of the basics of particle physics. She then takes us on a tour of the CMS experiment and explains how CMS was constructed, housed...

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