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computing grid

1-page (8 1/2in x 11in) fact sheet. Provides a short introduction to the US contribution to computing including the tier system and computing grid world-wide. Includes a bullet point list of facts on the US LHC computing centers and the Open Science Grid.
US LHC computing...

This bright and colorful book uses quirky art, humor, and good science to drive its points home for a general audience. Subjects covered include:
1. Our universe
2. LHC-what it is, how it works, what it studies
3. Dark Energy
4. The scientific process
5. A bit about...

A brief presentation of the Grid, the latest in computer technology developed to meet the needs of the LHC experiments to share data around the world. Subjects include: the purpose of the grid and why it is necessary, the meaning behind its name, how the grid works, who uses the grid, the impact...

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