CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research


This material was used for the 3rd annual CERN @Montreux Physics of Music / Music of Physics Workshop.  The workshops are held every year in the Petit Casino during the Montreux Jazz Festival.  These are from July, 2015.

These slides were used to introduce three different musical acts that were influenced by the physics of the LHC at CERN, the Voyager missions to the edge of the solar system, and cosmic rays from the far cosmos.  The images might be interesting for anyone making a presentation.

A rap song co-produced by American free-lance journalist and editor of the Atlas e-news at CERN, Katie Mc Alpine and Will Barras, student. Released in July 2008, this rap song explains to a beat what the LHC is and what its experiments are studying.
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Video based on displays of lead-lead collisions from the ALICE experiment at LHC, with soundtrack using distorted bass guitar and image sonification.
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