CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research


What is the Higgs particle? What are fundamental interactions? How to educate about particles physics in school?

The Netzwerk Teilchenwelt developed together with Joachim-Herz Stiftung a series of 4 books for teachers to help them to prepare their lessons.

The books include...

Logo World Conference on Physics Education

10 min video explaining the history, the purpose and the day of the masterclasses.
Interviews with:
- the current and past moderators from CERN
- the students from France, Austria and the USA
- interviews with a french teacher
- interview with the creator of the CMS...

Begun in 1998, this U.S.-based program provides opportunities for teachers to learn about and contribute to particle physics experiments and share what they learn with their students. This collaboration has yielded a variety of online instructional resources including raw datasets and derivative...

SEP was set up in 1998, by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. They develop high-quality but affordable equipment and publications in the United Kingdom- including booklets, CD-ROMs, interactive web-based projects and worksheets - all aimed at encouraging practical work in the classroom. Their...

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