Atanas Ivanov Batinkov

Atanas' interests, experience, and skills coincide highly effective in the domain of IT - starting from embedded software to parallel programming. Although his primary degree is in Computer Science and Technologies he believes that continued application of constantly evolving science drives the change in technology. Thus, accompanied by his curious nature and encouraged to follow his desire of exploring and developing in a real scientific environment, Atanas joined CERN as a DQM Engineers for the CMS experiment in 2012. Three years later he remained associated to the CMS experiment but took on a new adventure as a software engineer with the Level 1 muon Trigger group.

Atanas is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Nuclear Physics from the Faculty of Physics at the Sofia University in Bulgaria. He has proven track record as devoted multidisciplinary activist and volunteer. As an external contributor for CERN, Atanas is continuing his commitment to the virtual visits' initiative.The main aim of each virtual visit is to trigger public curiosity for science learning.

Atanas Ivanov Batinkov
Software engineer
European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN, Geneva, Switzerland University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria