Resources curation

This working group collects and selects the particle physics outreach resources presented to the public via the IPPOG web site :


Selection of external web sites:  proposed by collaboration members and partners, in their own language.


Particle physics tapas:  are stories and brief articles written by IPPOG working groups


The Resource Database (RDB) presents resources collected over the years by collaboration members. Some where developed within the collaboration, others by colleagues and partners. The current  interface, developed for the collaboration 25th anniversary under the guidance of Barbora Bruant-Gujelova, includes tags to guide anyone interested.


Publications:  a selection of conference proceedings and reports that reflect the collaboration activity. They can be given on behalf of the collaboration or by forum members.



Claire Adam

Claire Adam


IPPOG forum contributors to the RDB project: Luis Afonso (Portugal), Marge Bardeen (USA), Ian Bearden (Denmark), Barbora Bruant Gulejova (Switzerland), Roumyana Hadjiiska (Bulgaria), Despina Hatzifotiadou (ALICE), Galina Kirilova (Bulgaria), Christian Klein-Bösing (Germany), Lila Mabiala (CERN), Ivan Melo (Slovakia), Marcelo Munhoz (Brazil), Pierluigi Paolucci (Italy), Spencer Pasero (USA), Darren Price (UK), Alberto Ruiz Jimeno (Spain), Alexander Sharmazanashvili (Georgia), Jonas Strandberg (Sweden), Julia Woithe (CERN), Krzysztof Wieslaw (Poland).


IPPOG forum contributors to the Tapas project : Claire Adam (France), Nicolas Arnaud (France), Maud Grasmenil (Core team), and the working groups Outreach of Application for SocietyExplaining Particle Physics to the Public.


External contributors: we gratefully acknowledge the contribution of colleagues, partners and teachers belonging to the wider IPPOG community. Their feedback on some of the resources was an asset during the RDB curation process.




This working group is in direct contact with the representatives of the collaboration members and reports twice per year to the collaboration.