The International Particle Physics Outreach Group has been making concerted and systematic efforts to present and popularise particle physics across all audiences and age groups since 1997.

The International Particle Physics Outreach Group’s principal aim is to maximise the impact of education and outreach efforts related to particle physics. It contributes to global efforts in strengthening the cultural awareness in the understanding and support of particle physics and related sciences, in raising scientific literacy in society, educating the public on the values of basic research and in developing and training the next generation of researchers, scientists and engineers. In particular, IPPOG’s purpose is to raise standards of global outreach and informal science education efforts of particle physics, to communicate its results and findings to the public, to bring new discoveries in all areas of particle physics research to young people and to convey to the public that the beauty of nature is indeed becoming understandable from the interactions of its most fundamental constituents - the elementary particles.