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A collection of high quality engaging materials e.g. videos, posters, talks, hands-on activities and more to help you share the wonders and excitement of particle physics with teachers, students and the general public. 

The current DATABASE content is the testimony of years of IPPOG activities and was curated to celebrate the collaboration 25th anniversary, in November 2022. IPPOG Working Groups are currently collecting more.

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International HST programme - lectures

A WEB portal to the CERN’s international teacher programmes. Simple instructions How-to...

Colliding Particles - Hunting the Higgs (video series)

Colliding Particles is a series of films following just one of the teams of physicists...


Begun in 1998, this U.S.-based program provides opportunities for teachers to learn about...

Study Cosmic Rays

This scenario explains what cosmic rays are and how they interact with the earth’s...

How to Accelerate particles

This exercise in an introduction to particle accelerators and high energy physics. The...

Open Education at JINR

Educational portal of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Virtual portal to lectures...

Conservation of momentum in particle collisions

Students will determine the total momentum from all particles tracked after a particle...

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De quoi est fait l’Univers ?

Author: Letizia Diamante Primary and Middle school English and French


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