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Andreas Hoecker

Author(s): Goldfarb, Steven, University of Melbourne (AU)

Submitted by: lila.mabiala@cern.ch

Published: September 19, 2011

Andreas Hoecker

ATLAS Interview - Andreas Hoecker, Data Preparation Coordinator, ATLAS Experiment on the LHC at CERN

Andreas Hoecker, Data Preparation Coordinator at ATLAS, explains to colleague Steven Goldfarb (U Michigan) the role of his team in analyzing data collected by the ATLAS detector. Subjects covered include the data transfer process from the ATLAS detector to the ATLAS Data Quality Control Room, on and off-line analysis, the role of the quality control team in alerting control-room colleagues of problems with the detector, the amount of data collected and at what intervals, how the ATLAS detector will collect more data of quantity and quality the faster the LHC accelerates its particles leading to an ever greater understanding of the detectors functioning and potential scientific discoveries. The interview is concluded by Goldfarb explaining that the relatively tiny amount of energy produced by particle collisions at the LHC (about that of a flying mosquito) is 7 times greater than any experiment has been able to produce ever before. LHC = exciting promise for new discoveries. Produced by: ATLAS OUTREACH Director: Yves-Rene Kayonga Director: Claudia Marcelloni 4:30 min



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