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Elémentaire journal cover

Author(s): Physicists, Team, CNRS/IN2P3

Contact: elementaire@lal.in2p3.fr

Submitted by: barbora.gulejova@cern.ch

Published: April 29, 2022

Elémentaire journal cover

Science Journal - Élémentaire - No. 7: Quand lunivers fait boom!

This is number 7 of a series of 8 journals. No.7 was published in Summer 2009. Complete title of journal is "Élémentaire - de l’infiniment petit à l’infiniment grand." Élémentaire ("Elementary") is an outreach journal in French whose eight issues cover the particle physics, from the atom to the discoveries expected at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. Each issue contains about 15 recurring articles which present the stakes of the physics of the infinitely small, such as the tools and the methods used to study this physics. The main discoveries in this research field over the years are described as well. All the articles can be downloaded for free from the Élémentaire website http://elementaire.web.lal.in2p3.fr while printed versions of the different issues can be purchased online. For a complete list of subjects contained in Journal No. 7, see below.

Contents (English Translation) - No. 7:
Appetizer: Cosmic Archeology: Reconstructing the history of our universe
History: A short history of cosmology
Interview: Jean-Loup Puget
Research Center: Gravitational wave observatories
Experiment: The Planck mission
Detection: Bolometers
Benefits: The GPS
Analysis: Fourier transform and applications to the CMB
Accelerators: A very serious subject: Cosmic accelerators
Discoveries: The cosmic microwave background (CMB)
Theory: The cosmological standard model
The killer question: What's the weight of the vacuum?
Nuclear energy: Towards a future energy source
The LHC: LHC Startup: September 10, 2008
What Happened: GLAST:a new "star" in the sky; PAMELA: Positron Watch!

Contents (original French) - No.7:
Apéritif: L’archéologie cosmique: reconstruire l’histoire de notre univers
Histoire: Petite histoire de la cosmologie
Interview: Jean-Loup Puget
Centre de recherche: Observatoires d’ondes gravitationnelles
Expérience: La mission Planck
Détection: Bolomètres
Retombées: Le GPS
Analyse: Transformée de Fourier et applications au CMB
Accélérateurs: Un sujet très sérieux :les accélérateurs co(s)miques
Découvertes: Le rayonnement fossile
Théorie: Le modèle cosmologique standard
La question qui tue: Combien pèse le vide ?
Énergie nucléaire: ITER : vers une future source d’énergie ?
Le LHC: LHCb : Démarrage du LHC : le 10 septembre 2008
ICPACKOI: GLAST : une nouvelle «star» dans le ciel PAMELA : alerte aux positrons !




Matter, Particles and the Universe (Known Physics)
Particles and Their Interactions
Particles and Their Interactions
Exploring the Unknown (Beyond Known Physics)
Dark Matter
Dark Energy
Technologies and Experiments
Particle Physics and Society

School Topics

Special topics
Objects in the universe
Measurements and uncertainties
Structure of matter
Charges and fundamental interactions

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