IPPOG Coordination Team


pedro abreu

LIP Physicist & Outreach Coordinator, President of the South and Islands Delegation of the Portuguese Physics Society
LIP Av. Elias Garcia, 14, 1. 1000-149 Lisboa IST, Departamento de Fisica Av. Rovisco Pais, 22, Lisboa

Pedro Abreu

After graduating in Physics in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon in 1986, Pedro joined LIP the following year, setting foot at CERN for the first time to work on the DELPHI Experiment. In 1988 he began teaching at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in Portugal and in 1991 earned the equivalent of a Master’s degree in Particle Physics from the same institution. Eventually Pedro earned a Ph.D. from IST based on his work in the DELPHI Experiment at LEP, all the while continuing his teaching engagements at IST. Pedro added science outreach to the mix and became the LIP Outreach Coordinator and the Portuguese representative in IPPOG (then EPPOG) in 2003. Over time, Pedro has become involved in several school outreach activities, conferences and public exhibitions. Since 2010 he is the President of the South and Islands Delegation of the Portuguese Physics Society and is responsible for the organization of the Physics Olympiads in the Delegation and its related national event. In 2012 he was nominated as the external relations person for the Physics Department of IST (the person responsible for dealing with high school visits and requests). He is one of the key instigators of the development and growth of the hugely successful Portuguese Teachers Programme at CERN and organizes the IPPOG International Masterclasses for high school students in Portugal. A favorite quote: "The most incomprehensible thing about our universe is that it seems comprehensible!" (Albert Einstein).