IPPOG Flagship Activities Coordinators

International Masterclasses Coordination

Uta Bilow

co-leader of the German „Netzwerk Teilchenwelt“

Uta Bilow

Uta studied chemistry at the University of Bonn. After her PhD (1994), she turned to science communication. Since, she has worked as a freelance science journalist and communicator. She has produced articles for newspapers, magazines and radio, as well as giving writing and communication trainings for young scientists and moderating events.

During the LHC startup in 2008, Uta joined TU Dresden and started to work as coordinator of IPPOG´s flagship activity, the International Masterclasses. The program has made impressive progress in recent years. It has grown continuously, with more research labs and countries joining each year, making it possible for high school students to participate in hands-on activities with real data from particle physics experiments.

In Dresden, Uta is co-leader of the German „Netzwerk Teilchenwelt“, which comprises 30 research labs in Germany, all together bringing particle and astroparticle physics to the classroom.