Former Chairs

Former CHAIR

Michael Kobel

Professor, Head of Institute for Particle Physics, Dean of Study Affairs (Dresden University of Technology)
Dresden University of Technology Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics Zellescher Weg 19, 01069 Dresden, Germany

Michael Kobel

Former CHAIR 2009-2012

Following an associate professorship at the University of Bonn (1999–2006), Michael was appointed at the Dresden University of Technology as a full professor and head of the Institute for Particle Physics.  He is also currently Dean of Study Affairs (Dept. of Physics. TU Dresden), responsible for new curricula development. Since 1984 he has worked in six high energy physics experiments at four laboratories, and is now a member of the LHC ATLAS Collaboration at CERN. His research concentrates on measurements of running coupling constants, electroweak precision physics, the search for Higgs Bosons beyond the Standard Model, Vector Boson Scattering and Strong Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, reconstruction of Tau-Leptons and of Tau-Tau Masses. Michael has led several education projects, and sits on advisory boards for education and outreach initiatives. Since 2005 Michael has been project leader of IPPOG’s “International Masterclasses” and project leader of the German “Netzwerk Teilchenwelt” since 2010.  These two initiatives bring basic science to the public, especially to pupils and teachers.  “Science education and outreach is an important and integral part of research.”

Michael joined IPPOG in 1999 and was elected IPPOG Co-Chair in 2009-2012.