IPPOG Coordination Team



Claire Adam
Plateforme EUTOPIA @ LAPP https://eutopia-annecy.in2p3.fr
ATLAS experiment @ CERN https://atlas.cern
IPPOG Chair from Jan 2023

Claire Adam

Claire heard for the first time about particles and forces on a black and white TV, thanks to a science communicator who was talking enthusiastically about the Big Bang, being made of star dust and a possible “grand unification” scenario? Many years later, after completing her studies in the University Paris-Saclay, she chose a PhD on the Fréjus underground lab experiment which was actually looking for proton decay, one of the signatures of those inspiring models. A story that she never forgets when she visits schools.

Her favourite message: follow your dreams, and enjoy the path.

She then entered CNRS/IN2P3, and more specifically the IJClab near Paris, with long stays at RAL and DESY for the H1 experiment, at CERN and Padova for the Delphi experiment.
She settled down in the Pays de Gex and joined the ATLAS collaboration when the detector was still being built, lead its outreach group for a few years, and met most of the IPPOG core team along the way. Being chosen by this vibrant and diverse community as Chair for 2023-2025 is an honour and a chance to give back what she has received.
Claire’s institute is the Laboratoire d’Annecy de Physique des Particules (LAPP).
She was given in 2021 the responsibility to develop a visitor centre, education and outreach platform called EUTOPIA, and to strengthen the laboratory’s involvement in “science and society” by building projects with non HEP professional science communicators.