International Masterclasses

Key Dates and Calendars


2024 Upcoming Campaign

The IMC 2024 season is in preparation, as soon as schedules are ready the following links are updated :


(CERN Schedule):

At the end of each IMC day, a videoconference is held in CET, connecting institutes and moderators at CERN.

(GSI Schedule):

Videoconferences for Particle Therapy Masterclasses is being prepared by GSI, laboratory based in Germany, and it will cover the whole IMC period. It includes Feb 11 and March 8 celebrating womens days. 

(Fermilab Schedule):

Multiple IMC videoconferences are scheduled in U.S. Central Time, tailored to different experiments and guided by Fermilab, America's particle physics and accelerator laboratory.

(Pierre Auger Observatory Schedule):

IMC videoconferences are held in CET for European sessions and in EDT for American sessions and are facilitated by the Pierre Auger Observatory in western Argentina, dedicated to studying the highest-energy particles in the Universe.

(KEK Schedule):

IMC videoconferences are held in 3 different time zones (CET, JST and US) and are moderated by High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) based in Japan.