International Masterclasses

Hands on Particle Physics


What is IMC?

Each year over 13,000 high school students from 60 countries step out of the classroom for a day to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Quarks and Leptons. Hosted by 225 universities and research centres, these masterclasses offer a unique chance to unravel the mysteries of matter and forces, enabling the students to perform measurements on real data from particle physics experiments themselves. At the end of each day, like in an international research collaboration, the participants join in a video conference for discussion and combination of their results. International Masterclasses aren't just events; they're a passport to discovery, an annual opportunity for 15- to 19-year-old students to ignite their curiosity in particle physics. International Masterclasses promise to make science come alive in a way that textbooks never could. Get ready to go beyond the classroom and into the forefront of scientific exploration!

Curious to uncover the secrets of Quarks and Leptons?

- Get out of school for one day and come to a nearby university or research centre
- Get insight into topics and methods of basic research at the fundaments of matter and forces
- Perform measurements on real data from particle physics experiments at CERN
- Participate in an international video conference for discussion of results

Watch the video below to get an inside look at this electrifying experience!


Video by Chetna Krishna, CERN