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Asimmetrie magazine cover

Author(s): Peduto, Catia, INFN

Contact: catia.peduto@presid.infn.it

Submitted by: barbora.gulejova@cern.ch

Published: April 29, 2022

Asimmetrie magazine cover

Asimmetrie n. 18: #newphysics

The discovery of the Higgs boson came at the end of a long journey, where the direction was marked, but the road had to be built. What now? Now the physicists are looking out onto a world we don’t know, where there are no paths, and even the directions to be followed aren’t very clear. They know that something "new" has to exist, because only 5% of the matter in the Universe may be attributed to known physics.
So, now in LHC at CERN they are searching for dark matter candidates, e.g. for the so-called supersymmetric particles proving the presence of new physics beyond the standard model. Signs of dark matter and dark energy are also searched in the sky with complex satellites. The most elusives particles known, the neutrino, can lead to a "new physics", too. According to some theorists, eventually the scenario of physics could be completed by a "theory of everything" as string theory or something else.
All these topics are analyzed in "#newphysics", the 18th issue of "Asimmetrie", the magazine of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), that, due to the success in Italy, is now freely available also in English on www.asimmetrie.it.
Beyond the physics, there is an excerpt of Kip Thorne's book "The science of Interstellar" and Mark Levinson (director of the film "Particle fever") describes how he got the idea of making the film.


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