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Elementary particle cards

Author(s): Kobel, Michael, Netzwerk Teilchenwelt

Contact: info@teilchenwelt.de

Submitted by: barbora.gulejova@cern.ch

Published: April 29, 2022

Elementary particle cards

Elementary Particle Cards

This package contains a set of cards that can be used in physics lessons or Particle Physics Masterclasses to introduce, explain and repeat the different particles and their fundamntal properties.
One set consists of 61 Cards with 24 Cards of matter particles and antimatter particles respectively, 12 exchange particles and the Higgs boson. (availble in English and German). All strong interacting particles appear in the three different (anti) colors.
The package also includes an instructions for use, questions and answers on elementary particles and interaction and a presentation with explanations and illustrations (in German nd English only).

Please download from here: http://www.teilchenwelt.de/material/materialien-fuer-lehrkraefte/teilch…
German teachers can order printed a version via Netzwerk Teilchenwelt

NEW: Cards available in Spanish


Matter, Particles and the Universe (Known Physics)
Particles and Their Interactions
Particles and Their Interactions

School Topics

Structure of matter
Charges and fundamental interactions
Strong interaction

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